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For the horse

• Colt starting: Colt starting follows the ATH method, with a solid groundwork that lasts about one month, followed by at least one more month of basic exercises on saddlework and another month in order to reinforce those foundation. The timing is indicative and should be valued on the colt, his skills and the customer’s goals. This colt starting is universal, regardless the destination of the colt, both recreational and competitive, both english or western. Attendance and partecipation of the owner is required as far as possibile after a first time, so as to be able to give him the necessary skills to understand and continue the job once the training is done.
• Training: A training of a horse yet started follows the ATH method, reinforcing lacking points and informing the owner about any needs of the horse. The training, depending on the request, can move to a competitive (in the case of western disciplines) or ricreational future. The timing will be assesses with the owner on the basis of the goals set. The price includes the lessons for the rider that will ride the horse, in order to make him learn the cues the horse has learned.
• Problematic horses: The ATH method will be used on problematic horses too, in order to find the origin of the problem and to study a resolution training program. ATH may discourage to carry on the training, because of the unsuitable conditions (dangerous horse, timeline too short, goals not suitable for the horse). The constant presence of the owner is strongly recommended during the training period.
• Consignment sale with ride: A good photo shoot is needed to sell a horse, with also some presentation videos, the presentation of the horse on different mediatic channels and the contact with the possible buyers. ATH takes care of all this, also moving the horse twice a week. ATH won’t ask for a percentage on the sale and won’t deal with the price proposed by the seller. The horse won’t be trained during the sales period, unless otherwise agreed.
• Train your horse by yourself: A service for those who want to learn with their horse. ATH will follow the horseman step-by-step during the training of his horse, recommending a training program and ad hoc solution. ATH won’t ever train directly the horse, but will follow the progress of horse and horseman.
• Technical consultancy: Thanks to this service ATH will work on a horse, assessing his skills, possible issues and suggesting a training program tailored to the customer. During the consultation ATH won’t do lessons, but will personally work on the horse. The service can be performed at the ATH facility or at home.
• Answer in 48H: A service born for those who need to be followed at a distance and want to receive in a shor time answers to questions about their horses. The service has an annual duration and allows to obtain a technical answer from ATH within 48 hours of receiving the application on any media channel. Questions, pictures or videos of the issue can be sent. You may be asked to deepen the topic with futher pictures or videos.
• ATH certification: The ATH certification allows you to have a technical evaluation sheet on the training on a horse, whether the goal is to purchase the subject, or whether an assessment of his capabilities is required. The document will then have value in the case of subseguent purchase/sale of the horse.
• Horse transport: ATH does not deal with third-party transport, but gives among the secondary services the possibility to move a horse if required with one of the main services listed above.


• Clinic: ATH clinics can extend from half a day to several days. ATH will offer a unit price to the host facility and not a price per participant. The topics of the clinc could be on the ATH method or on other previously agreed topics. Contact ATH to further information.
• Demonstrations: The demonstrations can be half-day or full-day. Will be used horses proposed by the host stable or horsemen who make specific request. During the demonstration ATH will illustrate step by step which work is done on the horse used and will provide all the information requested by the participants. There will be no lessons or clinics for the horsemen.
• Theoretical clinic: Theoretical clinics concern arguments agreed with the organizer. They normally take place in locations appropriate to the purpose. During the theoretical clinics horses will not be trained if not for demonstration purposes of the topics covered and pratical riding lessons will not be given. Theoretical clinics may be complementary to pratical clinics.

For the horsemen

• Individual or group lessons: ATH offers riding lessons for horsemen who already have at least basic experience. There are no lessons for abslute beginners. Best results will be achieved when the rider use his own horse, but when necessary you can use also school horses. Lessons can be at the ATH facilty or at home. The topic and the goal of the lesson can be agreed.
• Lessons packages: Possibility to purchase multi-hour packages, that can be use in time and whitout expiry.
• Show assistance: ATH can assist the customer, advising him on optimal pre-shoe work, an adequate warm-up and guidance to achieve the best result in the competition.

All included

• ½ or 1 day with ATH: The service of a day with ATH was created to meet the needs of the horsemen to have an all inclusive package. With the day with ATH all the services are grouped in a period of time (4 or 8 hours) where one or more horses are trained and lessons are made to the requesting horseman, all in a single service. The service is nominal and can be performed at the ATH facility or at home.
• ATH Basic: The service dedicated to the horseman with his horse or to an equestrian center that wants to develop the ATH program on a single horse. The service includes the train on a horse and targeted lessons on the person who will handle the horse. The service can be per week or per month. Up to 5 horsemen can request the service in the same area.
• ATH All Inclusive: A service deigned to gice equestrian center and horses farms the opportunity to have ATH at their disposal in their facility. The package allows to train up to 5 horses per day or to do 8 lessons per day or a mix of these two services. Possibility to request this formula weekly or monthly.